You can be a part of MP in many ways - a volunteer, an ambassador, simply open our newsletter, or donate.


A. Mountain People Team

A regular payment via PayPal, or via our Norwegian Bank, invigorates us
and has meaning for Nepal.
Any sum is appreciated, you receive our thanks, and a yearly Christmas gift.
Join a small but growing 'MP Team.'


B. One-off Contribution

Via PayPal, VIPPs or our Norwegian Bank.
You receive our thanks, and an immediate gift.


If A or B is of interest, then do a Nike: Just do it.
We will follow up.


C. Mountain People Partner.

Be a Summit, Base Camp or Rope Partner - enter into a three year partnership agreement - and play a major part in our work.


Of interest to you individually, your family, your club or organisation or your company?



Note: Contributions A, B or C will be used 100% to a project (no administration costs), however, you may designate your funds to go one specific project, please advise.

Donate with PayPal

Donate with Vipps

For Norwegian residents

Vipps number - 12721

Bank transfer

Bank Norway

P.B 1600 Sentrum
0021 Oslo
Mountain People Norway
Account: 15036105191
IBAN: NO6315036105191

Bank transfer

Bank UK

The Co-operative Bank
Account Name: DEVRA R/C 1126008
Sort Code: 09 92 99
Account Number: 65872574
Contact: George Goldstein