Christmas Greetings 2018

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Christmas greetings to all -   Thorstein and Temba have just completed our second big BUY A BENCH delivery - 30 complete sets - to the mountain village of Tipling.

The remaining 20 school bench sets are to be delivered by Sandesh in the coming weeks.  After an 'exciting' 3 day truck journey they were met by nearly 30 parents & teachers who carried the benches on their backs from road end.  At the school our IKEA-inspired 'flat-pack' benches were mounted and placed in 5 classrooms . Thanks to all - especially Prof. Brodie and Jordans Rotary, Pauline & friends, Bergans of Norway, Øyvin & Drammen Ski Centre. 

With over 100 complete sets delivered, and gratefully used by schools, Mountain People will continue our BUY A BENCH program in the future. 

Wishing you all, near and far, a peaceful Christmas, and all the best in the New Year.  Thorstein, David & Sandish For Mountain People